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Actress Vanitha has filed a complaint in police station against her father VijayaKumar. Vanitha is the second daughter of actor VijayaKumar & Manjula. She played female lead role sin Rajkiran’s Manickam and Vijay’s Chandralekha. She then fell in love with a TV actor Akash and married him.

The couple has two children. Later due to some misunderstanding they got divorce and parted away. Vanitha and her two children are living in a separate home. For Deepavali she came to her father VijayaKumar home with her children and started to her home day before yesterday. Sources revealed that, VijayKumar was not willing to leave his grandchildren. This lead to clash between them and at last Vanitha filed as complaint against her father in Maduravayil Police station. VijayaKumar after personal discussion with police accepted to send his grandchildren with Vanitha. Police sources said, it is believed that Vanitha is in love with a business man and this would have been one of the reasons for their clash.

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